October 17 & 18th from 9-6pm

Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel
15201 Dallas Parkway
Addison, Texas 75001
The event will be October 17 & 18th from 9-6pm
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You’re on this page for one, very simple reason.

You're a Break Free Academy Entourage member who is leveling up in every area of your life...

And because you’re a member, there’s a few perks you get to experience.

One of the BIGGEST ones is having the opportunity to join our Break Free Academy Million Dollar Mastermind October 17 & 18th from 9-6pm.

Here’s what you can expect…

We’ll have an A-List lineup of expert speakers who are BFA grads or current members.

These folks have put the work in and seen results.

They’re in the trenches every day, just like you and me.
And when they speak, they’ll reveal insider sales and marketing secrets working RIGHT NOW.

A lot of times, most speakers show you what worked 6 months ago because they don’t want you competing with them.

But this is different...

We’re a very tight-knit group of closers… and everyone has each other’s back.

That means…

Nothing will be held back and these speakers have been instructed to “leave it all out on stage”.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to network with 300 other BFA members and graduates.
This ain’t your normal networking party.

Business ACTUALLY gets done and REAL connections that last a lifetime are forged.

In fact, most of our events result in the attendees forming joint ventures, hiring each other and 
exchanging valuable, profit-boosting information.
IMPORTANT: This is exclusive to only Entourage members
That means, you know EVERYONE in the room will be a badass in their own right.

Reserving your seat is easy.

You’ll invest $1 for “general admission” tickets.
But if you do not show up, we will run your card for $97.

If you would like to bring a non-Entourage member, it is only $497.
You’re going to have a kick ass time!
By the time you leave our Mastermind, you’ll have a marketing and sales strategy 
you can easily implement to increase revenue and bottom-line profits.

You’ll also network with the sharpest sales and marketing minds in the world.

That’s not B.S. either. Some of the folks speaking have made $100,000.00 in a day… and others have 
made well over a million dollars in a year.

You won’t want to miss this.
My 3 No - B.S Guarantees
I guarantee that you’ll be treated with A+ service and care from the 
very moment you walk into the event.
 I guarantee to start and end our event on time and organize our 
speakers in a way that makes what you’ll be shown easily digestible.
 I guarantee that this will be unlike an other “Mastermind” you’ve 
ever… ever attended.
Reserve your seat now by clicking below...
I promise, you’ll be happy you came.

To A Kick-Ass Mastermind,
Ryan Stewman
The Speakers:
RYAN STEWMAN, the "hardcore closer," is a best-selling author, podcaster and blogger. He's best known for consulting with alpha personality business owners on rapidly growing their sales via the use of strong marketing and advertising.
Marshall Sylver is a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and also the creator of the number one personal development program worldwide. 

Today, Sylver is recognized as the #1 leading expert in subconscious reprogramming & the master of persuasion and influence.

Meet Sean Whalen - 

Sex. Money. Politics. Business. Religion.

All topics that touch our daily lives in one way or another, yet most people (due to an extremely sensitive and politically correct society) fail to speak about these topics privately let alone publicly. 

(Apparently Sean Whalen did not get that memo). 

Sean has a way with words that will get you talking whether you want to or not, and over 675,000,000 (and counting) people have viewed Sean’s videos and social media posts. Some label him brash, others say he is bold, many simply call him an asshole, but one thing you will always get from Sean is his unfiltered and direct truth on any and all issues, politically correct or not.

Sean’s story of being raised in a single parent home, success at a young age, bankruptcy, depression and divorce has been shared by over 100 podcasts and media interviews from dozens of countries around the globe. 

Sean is the founder of multiple companies including apparel and technology, but his role as founder and CEO of LIONS NOT SHEEP, the global movement for men, women and children is closest to his heart.  He is a best selling author, strategic business coach, social media and marketing genius, and life changing keynote speaker. 
Ulyses Osuna is a 21-Yr-Old Pr Strategist & Founder of Influencer Press, a Pr firm that manages publicity for Influencers & for a few clients worth over $100M. 

A few clients include Ed Mylett, Ben Lee & The Think & Grow Rich Movie Premiere.

He was writing on Major Publications like, & by the age of 19.
Joe Evangelisti has flipped over 1,000 houses, does over $10M in real estate flips annually and his retail team continues to sell over $20 million in real estate each year.

But more than his business accomplishments, Joe is proud of the life he’s created. He’s made key hires to remove himself from the day-to-day operations and now he spends his time as a strategic advisor and visionary to his own companies. He no longer has an office and his core team now includes his wife, his two young daughters and his three dogs.  

You’ve probably heard the quote about going from working IN your business to working ON your business. Joe has not only done that successfully, he’s codified the exact steps and strategies for HOW to do it. He teaches these strategies through his popular roundtables and masterminds and has helped over 50 business owners grow their business, while creating the life they want. 

In short, Joe Evangelisti helps operators become owners. 

Matt Ganzak is a marketing and business development strategist for millionaires and billionaires. 

His focus is helping consultants and coaches to level up their businesses through streamlined operations and optimized marketing campaigns. 

Over the last 15 years, Matt has sold millions of dollars in products and services worldwide, and has created several multi-million dollar startups. 

Matt is the author of the bestselling book Million Dollar Plan, developer of several software platforms, marketing genius behind several top influencers, and is a product innovation expert. 

His focus is helping entrepreneurs improve their wealth, optimize their health and balance their lives with strengthening systems to grow their businesses.
Setema Gali, Jr. has worked a two-year church mission to a third world country in Micronesia Guam, to college football at BYU as a captain, Setema made it to the NFL as a member of the Patriots Super Bowl Championship team which won Super Bowl XXXVI (36). 
Following his professional football career as a Super Bowl Champion, Setema built a highly profitable mortgage, real estate and hard money lending business.

From IMMERSION, a week long deep dive transformational experience for men and women, to Ascension and Leadership, a 12 month experience unlike any other for results in all areas of life, or his Certified Coach-Trainer-Speaker program, Setema’s mission is to reach and teach the masses and impact generations. A leader of leaders, the intel for organizations and foundations, Setema is a best-selling author, a coach, a trainer, a mentor and most importantly, a 5-Star husband and 5-Star daddy.
Alan Dickie, born Marshall Walter Sylwestrzak, is a motivational speaker, author, and performance hypnotist who works primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has billed himself as "The World's Fastest Hypnotist".

His Vegas shows have been at the Sahara Hotel, the Stratosphere, the Palms and Harrah’s. He has been on television shows including "Late Night with David Letterman" and "The Montel Williams Show". He hosts a radio show and starred in a 2010 movie, in addition to the book he wrote called “Passion, Profit & Power.”
Brandi Whitmire -  is one of the nations' leading real estate advisors as a consultant for consumers and professionals.

Kenneth has built a wide following of client families, real estate agents, financial planners and bankers - serving their needs for real estate finance and marketing advice to support their own businesses. He currently serves as Branch Manager of Trademark Mortgage, located in Longview, Texas
Ashley J Roberts is a Strategic advisor, consultant, and business coach.

He is considered the "hidden genius" behind some of the worlds leading business Influencers and Entrepreneurs such as Yanik Silver, Andy Jenkins, Kevin Nations, Ryan Stewman, Kelly Fidel and more helping them strategize, systematize  and scale.

And so many more!!
Logan E. Graff 
 Sam Struthers
Brooke Castillo
Wayne Salmans
Jon Cheplak
Hoss Pratt
Jp Piccinini
Jay Kinder
Jody Jelas
Make Metzger
Adam Lyons
Rachel Pederson
Taylor Welch and Chris Evans
Cole Hatter
Andrew Ammons - Placeholder -  is one of the nations' leading real estate advisors as a consultant for consumers and professionals.

Kenneth has built a wide following of client families, real estate agents, financial planners and bankers - serving their needs for real estate finance and marketing advice to support their own businesses. He currently serves as Branch Manager of Trademark Mortgage, located in Longview, Texas
This will be the greatest Mastermind you have ever attended!
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